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Saturday, July 25, 2009


Deborah Lynn Jacobs

Published 2006

183 Pages

Rating: B-


He was everything I hated. Arrogant, manipulative, controlling.

Relax, I thought. He wont notice me. I’m wallpaper. I’m safe.

But my dreams suggested otherwise.


There’s one in every school. Its like she sees right through me.

Still, there’s something about her. The energy I feel in her. I drink it in and my power grows stronger.

I don’t like her. But I need her.

I want her.

And I always get what I want.

(from back of book)

Gwen is what every girl doesn’t want to be in high school, invisible. Except she loves being invisible, she is a Watcher. She observes everyone else and enjoys being in the background. She writes for her town newspaper, and is pretty good at what she does for her young age. She is in high school and her best friend is her cousin, Joanna. Lately she has been having this same reoccurring dream with this boy that she doesn’t even know… until now. When her dreams come true and she meets the boy, her world is suddenly filled with psychic dreams and powers she never thought she had.

Adrian is the new kid. His father decided to move them because he thought it was best for Adrian. Adrian thought otherwise, Rocky Waters, Ontario, Canada was just too cold for him, and the town was something else. His first day at his new high school he sees Gwen, but he doesn’t know that he is the one she has been seeing in her dreams. Adrian is automatically attracted to Joanna and Gwen doesn’t want anything to do with him. As Gwen and Adrian spend more time together, they both realize they cant live without each other, unless they want to be unhappy.

Gwen’s dreams become reality, burning houses, drowning people, children left behind. But Adrian has a power too, and with his help, she can save these people, or so she thinks. They try to outdo fate, but that’s not possible, everything happens for a reason. They battle life, love. and The Power.

This book is definitely an interesting read and I never knew what would happen next. But it got a B minus because it could have been better. I wish it went into a little bit more detail and that it was a longer book. But all in all, it was good. Adrian is exactly the kind of guy Gwen would never think about, except she starts to constantly, that is when this book gets good. Give it a try. You might just like it.



  1. I like the sound of this one. I might just try it.

  2. I really like how this tune is song, me wants to read it O.o

  3. This looks like a great one! I hope you'll come by my blog and enter my giveaway! It's lots of fun and great prizes too...very easy as well!

    xoxo Amy (Park-Avenue Princess)


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