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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Books Turned Into Film News: Wings by Aprilynee Pike

Look out Tinkerbell, you've got some competition: Miley Cyrus.

The Disney teen queen is set to star in "Wings," a new film based on the best-selling Aprilynne Pike novel by the same name, reports Variety.

Fresh off her first foray onto the big screen in "Hannah Montana," Cyrus will play the leading role of Laurel, a 15-year-old girl who grows up sheltered and home-schooled in a small town.
When Laurel is forced to adjust to a big high school, her suspicions that she's not like everyone else are soon confirmed: Laurel sprouts wings and finds out she's a fairy.

Pike's novel, the first in a planned four-book series, was published in May. Temple Hill, the same group behind the film "Twilight," is said to be producing this film, with Cryus' mother, Tish, as the executive producer.

Currently, Cyrus is in the process of filming her next movie, "The Last Song," which is based on a novel that romance author Nicholas Sparks ("The Notebook") wrote as a vehicle for Cyrus.
"Wings" will continue Disney's stronghold on the star beyond the "Hannah Montana" franchise.



  1. Oh, wow... I saw something about this on msn but didn't think it was true. ... Not much of a fan of Miley Cyrus. Thanks for the news anyhow though.

    - Alex

  2. Oh jeez, Miley Cyrus...I hate the thing her mouth does when she talks..

  3. I haven't read the book so I can't really say how I feel about this. Sometimes I wish they'd go out and look for other actors/actresses rather than putting the same few teen stars in all the movies. Then again, Miley is popular and will draw a crowd so I get why they'd pick her. Hopefully the movie is well done and enjoyable. But yeah, I'm not her biggest fan haha.

  4. Hehe You want to know what I think about this?



  5. I think they could have picked someone better for the movie but I won't hate it until I see it.

  6. I agree with everyone! I just say this book and I had heard about her having this part. IDK thought - I don't think she's that talented. Is the book any good? I'm not a huge fan of "movies to books".


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