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Monday, December 17, 2012

Small Town Sinners by Melissa Walker

Publisher: Bloomsbury
Source: Free Book Friday
Edition: Hardcover
Pages: 259
Rating: B+

Lacey Anne Byer is a perennial good girl and lifelong member of the House of Enlightenment, the Evangelical church in her small town. With her driver's license in hand and the chance to try out for a lead role in Hell House, her church's annual haunted house of sin, Lacey's junior year is looking promising. But when a cute new stranger comes to town, something begins to stir inside her. Ty Davis doesn't know the sweet, shy Lacey Anne Byer everyone else does. With Ty, Lacey could reinvent herself. As her feelings for Ty make Lacey test her boundaries, events surrounding Hell House make her question her religion.

Prior to reading this book, I've never heard of a "hell house". I knew that there were people in the world that were judgmental towards others (due to their beliefs,) but this takes it to a whole new level. For me, the fascination with this book was half because of the actual plot and half because of the hell house scenes.

I know that a lot of people tend to shy away from books about religion and I do understand why.  I hate when people, books, movies, etc. push their beliefs on me. I don't feel like the author did that in any way though. It was just an easygoing, go with the flow type of book.

All of the characters were pretty likable and relatable. It was interesting reading how these teens were starting to question beliefs that they've been taught their whole life. It's something that I think almost anyone can relate to. 

While I did really enjoy this book, it didn't grip me to the point of not being able to put it down. But overall, it was a satisfying and pleasurable read and would recommend it to anyone in the mood for something to keep them busy.