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Friday, May 22, 2009

Vampire Diaries TV Series Promo!

I haven't even read the books yet but as soon as I saw this, I got beyond excited! Probably because I know Marisa will be jumping up and down. You can probably already tell how much she likes the series from the reviews she gives them. I thought Elena was supposed to be blonde but maybe I'm wrong? I don't know, but this is exciting! :)

[EDIT] Marisa: This trailer looks awesome! I think that the TV show is going to be great. Full of action and romance!! Yay for that. It looks like they stuck pretty close to the book. I mean obviously the actors are a bit of a disappointment but they can't get everything perfect. Elena is supposed to be blonde with blue eyes but no big deal. The actress who plays her seems to have good acting skills. Stefan is a total hottie! I love the actor who is playing him. They totally cut out Meredith and Bonnie is completely different but again they can't get everything spot on. Damon is not the total sexy bad boy I was hoping for but his personality seems exactly the same. I didn't get to see Matt but he's there!! Yay! And Elena has a brother instead of a little sister. Yes Briana was right I was jumping up and down while watching this :) The acting looks good, the show looks suspenseful and mysterious. Totally excited.



  1. hey is blueicegal i think this site is totally kool gj guys when did you set all this up? anyway im not to sure about the character like the actal series looks good but the characters are totally different from what they should be which is kinda dissapointing since im such a big fan of the series, whats your guys take on it?

  2. Hey thanks :) I haven't read the books but Marisa has. I haven't heard her opinion on it yet but I hope she likes the promo. I think it looks interesting.



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