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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Two New Co-Reviewers & Allison getting voted off AI!

So, you may have noticed but there are two new reviewers now! They're two good friends of mine who also share a love in books and you can read a little about them if you scroll down to the left. This is where the name B.A.M. Book Reviews comes in. Briana, Arielle and Marisa. Just so you know, you'll be able to tell which one of us posted what by the letter signed at the bottom of each post.

This has nothing to do with books but I feel like I need to say it. Why America, Why?! I don't pay much attention to American Idol but I do adore Allison and am very upset to see her go. I was really rooting for her! I predict that Adam is going to win, he's talented of course but like I just said, I wish Allison would have won. What do you guys think? Leave your opinions in the comments and say hello to the new reviewers! :)



  1. I haven't watched AI as religiously as usual this year, but one thing I knew from the very start: I was rooting for Allison. She's spunky, she's gorgeous, and what a great voice! I am incredibly bummed that she was booted. Thanks for inviting me to your blog Briana, I have added your link to my sidebar. You guys are doing awesome for your first couple of months. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks! I've just added you to my blog list!


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