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Sunday, May 31, 2009



Briana: WOW. After watching such a large amount of fan-made New Moon trailers, seeing this is incredible! First of all, I love how they show the cliff right in the beginning. That was one of my favorite parts from the book and I find it to be one of the most meaningful parts.

I think the vampires look amazing. The makeup is much better this time around!

The birthday scene, WOW. You can already tell how incredibly intense it will be!

The breakup scene, AH! I will not tell a lie, I cried. Seeing the pain in Bella's face and how she's just lying on the ground, it's perfect and so depressing.

Laurent! I was a little surprised to see him just because he wasn't one of the biggest parts of the movie, but then when I saw it, it fit in perfectly.

Jacob ... Or Taylor I should say, you look AMAZING. He really put on the weight and I'm so happy to see him as Jacob Black. THE CGI FOR THE WOLVES! It looks so incredible! I love how they ended the trailer with the growl from Jacob!

I would really like to hear your thoughts, especially from the people who didn't like the first movie. Do you think this one will be better?

This made my night.
And it left me absolutely speechless. I cant help but watch it over and over again.

This movie is going to be so amazing, I cant even explain how excited I am. New Moon was my favorite book from the Twilight series.. not because Edward left her, because that was horrible. But because I love Jacob. He is such a good guy and I love how he becomes Bella's other "protector".

Every part that they showed in the trailer looks like it will be so cool. The birthday scene looks very insane with Edward and Jasper. And omg, I was on the verge of tears when Edward left Bella. And that was only a few seconds of it, I cant even imagine how I will be when I actually see the whole scene.

Jacob turning into a werewolf... Perfect. Enough said. They did that sooooo well! And its going to be amazing.
I keep using the word amazing! But I think this is movie will be AMAZING! :)

haha.. I just love it.

Man.... I am speechless... or at least I was. During the entire trailer I was afraid to even blink in case I missed anything. The trailer was absolutely breathtaking! I am definitely glad Chris Weitz is the director. Not that I didn't like Catherine but Chris is doing excellent in my opinion.

The birthday scene was intense. Amazing. Exactly how I imagined it in the book. Everything was perfect and the Cullens looked great... especially Edward. Glad to see he's still sexy :) Ahhh the break up scene! That was devasting but also excellent. Broke more than just Bella's heart I'm sure.

Laurent scene now. Laurent looked so bad. Bad as in mean. He looked so scary that I couldn't believe it. His costume is stunning. OMG!! Taylor is so hot! His body is to die for. I loved it so much when Bella was running screaming "Run Jake!" and then BAM! Jacob bursts in to this gigantic wolf! He looked amazing. Exactly how I imagined in the book again. The transformation took about one second. As described in the book. Everything looks perfect. Squee!!!

There I just ranted myself out for you guys. Obviously New Moon is going to be fantastic and I can't wait to see it.

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