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Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Moon

Stephenie Meyer
Published 2006
608 Pages
Rating: A+

With the movie coming out in November, I decided I should re-read New Moon. I've only read New Moon once before and I didn't want to read it again because it honestly made me kind of depressed. I know that there are so many reviews of New Moon and every other Twilight book, but with me being such a big fan, I feel obligated to.

Following Twilight, Bella Swan is still madly in love with Edward Cullen and vice versa; but when the Cullens decide to leave town for Bella's safety, things start to change drastically.

As crushed as Bella was, she finds comfort in her best friend, Jacob Black. Things start to look up a little until Jacob Black starts to ignore her completely.

This is where I'll stop. I don't think I can say anything else involving what happens in New Moon without giving anything away. So, with Edward gone in more than half of the book, you would think since I'm a huge fan of Edward, that I wouldn't enjoy this book that much. WRONG. Even when Edward is gone, Meyer still never fails to entertain me. While most girls find Bella Swan to be rather annoying, I find her to be rather relatable. I seem to feel the same way she does in the situations she gets in, leaving her confused, hurt, happy, etc. I must have cried about 10-15 times during this book (I'm very sensitive) ;basically you would have to be a pretty tough person to not cry once during this book.


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