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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Black Girl / White Girl

Joyce Carol Oates

Published: 2006

272 pages

Rating: C-



In 1975 Genna Hewett-Meade's college roommate died a mysterious, violent death partway through their freshman year. Minette Swift had been assertive, fiercely individualistic, and one of the few black girls at their exclusive, "enlightened" college—and Genna, daughter of a prominent civil defense lawyer, felt duty-bound to protect her at all costs. But fifteen years later, while reconstructing Minette's tragic death, Genna is forced to painfully confront her own past life and identity...and her deepest beliefs about social obligation in a morally gray world.

(from back of book)


(I would like to point out that I read this book for a Diversity class in school, and not for my own enjoyment.)

First off, there are many mixed reviews about this book; it just depends on whose opinion you ask for. Other authors like Oates and people with a more literary background would mostly all agree on one thing. This is a fabulous book. But I am sad to say, I disagree. For the average, everyday reader this book is way too “heavy”. Heavy in the sense that it is way too complicated, complex, difficult, hard to understand…whatever term you want to use. There is so much detail you tend to get over whelmed. And the fact that the plot isn’t that interesting just makes it not that much fun to read. I’m not even going to go into the plot; it would probably make me want to pull my hair out…no joke. Haha.

If you are trying to find a different book than your usual reads…give this a shot. But beware, you might (and most likely will) get disappointed.

All in all, the back of the book gets your hopes up and not that I’m saying the story isn’t one to take lessons from, its just boring most of the time. But that doesn’t mean I will rule out Oates other books, they all look more interesting and less complicated.

Short, not much detail review, I know… I just wanted to get my thoughts out about this book. So thanks. :)


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