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Monday, May 4, 2009

Old Cover VS. New Cover: Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen.

Which do you like better? I personally think the new cover is a lot cuter than the old cover. The reason why I love all of the covers of Sarah Dessen's books is because they're so realistic and I feel like a friend of mine could've taken the picture. I think one of the reasons Sarah Dessen is so popular is because of her adorable book covers and when I saw the first cover of Lock and Key I was kind of turned off. I know, "Never judge a book by it's cover.", but having a cute cover definitely helps!

Leave a comment and tell me which one you like better and why :)!



  1. I definitely agree that part of why Sarah Dessen's so big is just because of her covers. Whoever comes up with them is seriously a genius. When I first saw the old cover for Lock and Key I was a little appalled. I was like, where'd all the cute photography go?! So I'm really glad that they're releasing the paperback in a new cover. I like it loads better.

  2. I really love the paperback cover. It is more appealing to the eyes and I am kinda regretting buying the hardcover book. But I do love the book, so it isnt a total waste, and I will probably by the paperback anyway. Super cute covers all around by Sarah Dessen


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