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Monday, June 22, 2009


Laurie Halse Anderson

Published 2007

250 Pages

Rating: B

High school senior Tyler Miller used to be the kind of guy who faded into the background. But since he got busted for doing graffiti on the school, and spent the summer doing outdoor work to pay for it, he stands out like you wouldn't believe. His new physique attracts the attention of queen bee Bethany Milbury, who just so happens to be his father's boss's daughter, the sister of his biggest enemy— and Tyler's secret crush. And that sets off a string of events and changes that have Tyler questioning his place in school, in his family, and in the world. Soon his life is a roller coaster, with fantastic highs, devastating lows, and no seat belt to protect him. He has no choice. He’ll have to ride it out…

(taken from back of book)

Okay, so this book got a B because although I want to rate it higher, I know that some people wouldn’t find it as great as I did and I wanted to be fair. Ha.

This book is great to me because it is in a guys point of view, and I love that! It is always very interesting to me to read books set in the POV of the opposite sex. And I think this book really captures the mind of a guy. [Warning: It gets into some detail that might not be suitable for young ages.]

Tyler is the guy that nobody wants to be and that nobody wants to be seen with. But that was then, this is now. Now that he has been working at landscaping place for the summer, he is buff and tan. Something he has never been, and something he never thought he would become. But being on probation hasn’t given Tyler much chance of a social life except hanging out with his best friend Yoda. During his last week of junior year at his high school, he sprayed painted the school and got caught…that wasn’t part of his plan. Luckily he didn’t have to go to juvy, but instead do many, many hours of community service and get a job to pay for the damage.

Tyler Miller. He is the “bad-ass” at his school. Not that many people trust him. They are either afraid of him, or are just too good to acknowledge his existence. Except for the one and only beautiful, totally not his type…Bethany Milbury, the daughter of his father’s boss. Yeah…definitely off limits! But that doesn’t stop Tyler. He has wanted her for a long time, and now that she notices him, he won’t let her get away.

I really suggest you give this book a try. I love it. And reading a book narrated by the mind of a teenage guy is very, very interesting! :)



  1. I love books that are from a guy's perspective as well. I thought this book was pretty good. :)

  2. I just got this book from my friend. It does sound really good. I've read Speak and Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson, and am really looking forwards to Twisted. Thanks for the review!

    - Alex


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