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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


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  1. Feel free to give me your extra copies of Bunheads and Liesl & Po! lol. So many of those books are on my wishlist! I got Cold Kiss in the mail today! I've read a few of those and own and need to read a few. So much awesome! Enjoy it all girl. :D


  2. girl, I LOVE your vlogs! I tried to do a BEA recap post as a vlog, but it clocked in at 1 hr, 45 minutes. :S
    and niiiice crayon in the background :P

  3. I was a nervous mess recording my first vlog, but you did such a great job with yours. And I love your facial expression when you don't know how to pronounce Lisa Desrochers name :)

    I'm not really a huge fan of the cover for The Future of Us, but I think they're trying to play off of Facebook's look because it's about how the kids find their future selves on Facebook (or something like that).

    I love you too Bri <3

    *Giant crayon in the background is awesome and die-hard Twilight fans are so hardcore.

  4. Was this your first vlog? I don't actually know. I thought I saw you say it was on Twitter, but now I'm not sure. Either way, I loved it!

  5. and HAHAHAHAHAHA about Rick Riordan and the divaness! His publicist/babysitter person gave me such attitude when I asked about a picture! Like my camera had anthrax on it or something... lol

  6. Bri,

    I'll probably be having a contest for those two books and since you have amazing luck, you'll probably win them =P


    My vlog came in at 45 minutes and I thought that was bad!!! Lol =P


    Yeah now I get the whole Facebook cover theme haha. I still hate it but now I understand it more! And thank youu! I tried my best haha.


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