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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Song of the Sparrow

Lisa Ann Sandell

Published May 2007

416 pages

Rating: A-


Since the days of King Arthur, there have been poems and paintings created in her name. She is Elaine of Ascolat, the Lady of Shalott, and now there is a book all her own. The year is 490 A.D. and 16-year-old Elaine has a temperament to match her fiery red hair. Living on a military base with her father, brothers, and the rest of Arthur's army, Elaine pines for the handsome Lancelot, and longs for a female friend. But when the cruel, beautiful Gwynivere arrives, Elaine is confronted with startling emotions of jealousy and rivalry. Can Elaine find the strength to survive the birth of a kingdom?

My review

I've never read a book about medieval times before because to be honest, I thought they would be quite boring. I usually read paranormal romance novels but I decided to broaden my book interest and try out a totally different book type. I read the synopsis for this book and it sounded great and I definitely was not disappointed. The book is about war, love, honor and friendship. It starts off interesting and as the story progresses, it just gets better and better. I loved going through this gripping adventure with Elaine. She's a heroic female character; one of my favorites. She's very loving, strong and courageous. That being said, I felt like the characters' relationships lacked in depth a little bit.

The story is very beautiful, touching and Lisa did an excellent job of creating a new version of an old story, The Lady of Shalott. The original story is pretty depressing and sad but this story has a light, happy feel about it. The entire story had a lot of action, suspense and twists that kept me begging for more. The only thing I didn't like about the book is that it wasn't long enough! I was sad when it ended but satisfied with the outcome.

I recommend this book to history fans, romance fans, action fans etc. This book is very imaginative and charming; a must-read. Loved it!



  1. Great review. I never heard of this book before, it sounds nice!

  2. Ohh, definitely aggre with your review! Read this one a while ago, and I loved how they used the Lady of Shalot and the poetry actually worked for me. Nice review! :)

  3. this book is now on my radar. i love the cover it pretty :D

  4. this book is now on my radar. i love the cover it pretty :D

  5. Great review. I quite agree with everything you said. Loved this book. Did you know she is interested in writing more of the story?

  6. Thanks so much for reviewing Song of the Sparrow--I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

  7. The cover of this book caught my eye-I find the image so romantic! :D

  8. This looks great! I love that cover and I never thought I would like books on medieval times either but I too have enjoyed this topic.


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