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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


For those of you who are wanting to get your hands on a copy of Fallen by Lauren Kate, check out Kari's blog, A Good Addiction, where she is currently holding a contest where there will be 5 winners of Fallen! :)

If you do enter, please let her know that I refferred you, since we would both get 5 extra entries!


P.S. For all of you who think that I am being selfish by entering this contest (since I do already have my own copy of Fallen), please dont think that. I am entering for my friend, well she doesnt know about it, but if I do so happen to win, the book would go to her. Not me.


  1. Thanks for letting me know about this contest. I let her know that you referred me! :)

  2. Thanks! I entered + said you referred me(:

  3. You're such a good friend! Good luck :D


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