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Friday, November 13, 2009

In My Mailbox (24)

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Arielle: I received three books in the mail this week, and they are all from contests. I also borrowed a book from a friend, and got a ton from the library! (You can see my STILL unread Fallen book underneath my cell phone. ha.)

All righty, lets start off with the ones from the library, since they are less fun then the winnings. Ha. :) I got a ton from the library and I am really hoping I can finish them all, but if not, I can just renew them! AH! The joys of the library! :)
(the first two books are for school papers I am writing, so I wont both with those!)


Borrowed from a friend:
Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles -- Thanks to my good friend, Jordan, I can finally read this book! I have been dying to read it!

Now onto the contest winnings! :)
Something, Maybe by Elizabeth Scott -- won from Bri at What Bri Reads! Thank you so much, Bri! I cannot wait to read it!
Intertwined by Gena Showalter -- won from Katie at Katie's Book Blog! Thank you, Katie!! I am so excited to read this book! Plus I got some wonderful bookmarks which I am always happy to get! And a cute little Halloween bag with some treats. :)
Hold still by Nina LaCour -- won from Aryanna at A Maze of Books! AH! I am so happy to have won this book, it sounds amazing! Thank you!

It turned out to be a really great week!!

So, tell us what is in your mailbox! :)

(Marisa and Briana may post later)


  1. Awesome! I really liked The Giver & How to Say Goodbye in Robot.


  2. I love all your swag. You are so going to love Intertwined. I really want to read R U for Real? it sounds really good. I hope my library has it by tomorrow. All great books, happy reading!!!

  3. Awesome books Arielle! So jealous about Hate List and The Maze Runner (you got those at the library! Jeez, that's a good library. My library connects with 9 other one's and they still don't have either books!). The Giver totally rocks, too. I love Lois Lowry's writing.

    Lol, I can't ever seem to get over how awesome the title "How to say goodbye in robot" is. ;)

    I hope you enjoy your books!

  4. Wow, there is a lot of books, I am glad that you have so much enthusiasm!!
    Have fun!
    Mike Keller

  5. Wow, your library must be *so* much better than the ones round here. I've ordered The Maze Runner - that book sounds incredible. Hope you enjoy. :)

  6. Have fun reading the books you got. :)

  7. Whoa!! You're lucky huh?
    Great books! Hate List is amazing! Happy Reading ;D

  8. Great week for you- even cooler that you got the 3 contest books in one week! That is such a great feeling, congrats!

  9. Great books you got this week. They all look really good. Hope you enjoy reading all your books.


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