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Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Girl Made of Cool by Alan Fox

The Girl Made of Cool by Alan Fox

Publisher: StoryFocus Communications

# of pages: 240

Source: Author

Genre: Adult Fiction

Rating: D


Here, Fox tells the story of a young man and woman who are falling in love with each other, but the young woman doesn't know it. She believes that she's falling in love with the man's far more handsome, more perfect friend. ... As the story unfolds and deepens, we see how these two highly talented young men must suffer, struggle, and wage battle to woo this young woman. This, as all the while, she grows into an ever greater beauty, a more charismatic personality, and an all-the-more alluring woman. ... This, as all the while, this young lady grows to become an elegant woman made of shining love and elusive cool. -- Also featured here in this collection, you will find: The Novel "HELL HAS BLUE SKIES" -- A love story about intense relationships in an office, whose unusual line of business is to train people to become 'world-class experts.' And the short story "THE LOVELY LADY AT THE LOVE MUSEUM" -- A colorful tale of romance and high-level maneuvering in the big city.


Okay... So I've never written a review where I've given the book a rating under a C-. A first time for everything right? I started this book with an open mind and couldn't even finish it. I was bored and put the book down plenty of times making excuses like "have to clean my room" or "I'm hungry" or... you name it.

The characters were hard to relate to and I never really made that connection with any of them. I really wanted to try and finish the book, but my motivation was completely shot during the process of reading it.

Hopefully someone else will enjoy this book more than I did, so look out for a giveaway.

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