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Friday, December 18, 2009

Fat Cat

Robin Brande

Published: 2009

327 Pages

Rating: B+

You are what you eat. . . .

Cat smart, sassy, and funny—but thin, she’s not. Until her class science project. That’s when she winds up doing an experiment—on herself. Before she knows it, Cat is living—and eating—like the hominids, our earliest human ancestors. True, no chips or TV is a bummer and no car is a pain, but healthful eating and walking everywhere do have their benefits.

As the pounds drop off, the guys pile on. All this newfound male attention is enough to drive a girl crazy! If only she weren’t too busy hating Matt McKinney to notice. . . .

(taken from BN.com)

I read this book about a month ago, so bare with me because I don’t clearly remember it as well as I would like to, but I won’t lie… I did really enjoy this book.

Fat Cat is a very fun, cute, even compelling book. Cat is a candy eating, hides behind her weigh kind of girl. And when Cat has to come up with a science fair project that will blow away the minds of the judges, but also place above Matt McKinney, her ex-best friend, Cat is stuck between a rock and a hard place. She is given a short amount of time to come up with a science project, but once she does, it will change her life forever. Cat’s teacher gives them all pictures that they will have to use in order to come up with their projects thesis, and Cat is given an unsuspected one: a picture of naked, male and female Neanderthals fighting over a saber-toothed hyena. She is completely clueless at first but as she studies the picture more and more she realizes something about the woman in the picture: she wants to be her. And this becomes her science project: to take on a completely different lifestyle, just like the one of the woman Neanderthal.

This book is very entertaining and I found myself laughing numerous amounts of times. But there is also something about the book that makes you think all about the bad foods you are putting inside your body, it actually made me think about the kinds of things I eat (yet I am typing this while I eat peanut butter MnMs..ha). Cat takes on a totally different approach to her project and as a reader you watch her grow and finally realize the girl she truly is. You see her battle boys, school, and her ex-best friend who broke her heart.

I definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants a good laugh, and an inspiring read. Especially for all you who are on winter break, you wont be able to put it down! :)


PS: Wow, well that review was pretty bad… sorry for the long absence. College was kicking my butt, but it is officially Christmas Break so I am hoping to read A LOT! I missed you guys!


  1. This sounds like a fun read. I think I'll give it a go after this holiday reading challenge I'm doing...I doubt I can pile on more than the 7 books I have for 1 week :)

  2. Interesting review! This isn't a book I'd usually have picked up but I do like the premise (it kind of reminds me of this short story by Scott Westerfeld set in the future) and it sounds unusual. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. I just ordered this book off of Amazon after reading your review. Happy Holidays!


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