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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Booking Through Thursday (9)

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If you could ask your favorite author (alive or dead) one question … who would you ask, and what would the question be?

Arielle: Hmm..This is actually a hard question since I really dont know what to ask! I think I would ask Stephen King why he likes to write weird stories like he does. Where does he come up with all this creepiness? And how does he not get scared just thinking about his books as he is writing them? I havent really read a lot of his books, but I do know people that have and I guess just the fact that they are almost all scary books, is kinda freaky. I bet he is a nice guy though :) ha.

(Marisa and Briana may post later)


  1. Good questions we are all wanting to ask! :) I think I read somewhere that his inspiration for Misery was a crazed fan.

  2. Oh man! My friend was telling my about Misery and he said he couldnt even read it, it was that bad of a book. Like just really hard to read because of everything in it. And if it was about a crazed fan, then dang! Ha. Thanks for commenting!


  3. Didn't he also write a story based on his accident?

    I think he takes "write what you know" to new heights. LOL

  4. Haha definitely! I cant imagine what goes through his mind! Scary!!


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