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Monday, August 17, 2009

Official New Moon Clip: Meet Jacob!

Briana: The video wasn't working so just click here and it should be on the page. I love it! I think I might be turning into a Team Jacob girl... it's hard to tell right now. Everything looks SO great! Let us know what you thought of the video, good or bad.


  1. Omgggggg! I want Jacob to jump into my bedroom lol...thx for sharin Bri, it looks awesome!

  2. Thanks for the clip! I've always been a Team Jacob girl!

  3. :P can't wait for the movie to come out. I have a question, and would love some answers, check out my blog and answer it, and you might win something in the process. :) x.

  4. My only complaint is...WHY THE LONG HARI!! EWWWWWW

    he looks WAY BETTER with the short hair.

    but yummy :)


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