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Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Stephenie Meyer
Published 2005
434 Pages
Rating: A+

This is probably my favorite book of all time so I thought it deserved to have the special spot as "The First Review". Unless you've been living under a rock, you've most likely heard of Twilight. It has the synopsis describing a normal girl falling in love with a vampire. I honestly hate the synopsis and wish there was a better way to describe the book because it truly doesn't do the book/movie any justice at all.

First, before you read Twilight take all of the knowledge you have of traditional vampires and throw it out the window because (1.) These vampires do not have fangs. (2.) These vampires have the style of the world's top fashion icons. (3.) The Cullen family of vampires live off the blood of animals. Twilight starts out with a 17 year old girl named Bella Swan that is moving to a small, rainy town that goes by the name of Forks, Washington. Bella Swan is a quiet, self-sufficient girl that never really stood out in her old school in Phoenix, Arizona; When she moves to Forks, everyone knows her name, mostly because of the small town, but also because she is the chief's daughter. She's never had a boyfriend so it's pretty new to her that all of the guys in Forks High School are chasing after her. The one thing in school that catches Bella's eye is this group of five people sitting all the way across the cafeteria. These five people are insanely beautiful and they're the only people that aren't gawking at Bella Swan.

This is where the famous Edward Cullen comes into the story. There is only one seat left in Biology and luckily, it's right next to Edward. They automatically become lab partners and Edward absolutely hates her the first day they meet ... basically gives her the death stare. There is definitely an attraction between Bella and Edward and as much as he tries to stay away from her, mostly for safety reasons, he just can't help it anymore.

Twilight is an amazing love story and tells the trials and tribulations of an insanely gorgeous, polite, chivalrous vampire falling in love with a normal human girl. Stephenie Meyer is truly a great storyteller and while many people critcize her work, she still has plenty of fans. I forget where I found this little (brilliant) quote and I wish I could give the person credit: "Millions of readers can't be wrong". Stephenie Meyer never planned to become a writer. This story developed from a dream Stephenie had one night and she didn't want to forget it so she wrote it down. Thank goodness she did! Hope you enjoy!


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