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Monday, March 30, 2009


Micol Ostow
Published 2009
224 Pages
Rating: B-

This book helped me make a decision of whether or not I like books having to do with spoiled rich girls dealing with their dramatic lives. What the decision has come to is yes, I do like these kinds of books. If you very much hate the prissy preppy rich girl books, then obviously this book is not for you. I always thought that I hated these kinds of books too (considering I hate those types of girls) but the thing is, I never really gave them a fair shot.

I actually received this book from Simon and Schuster's Pulse IT group. So since I didn't have to buy it, not much to lose right?

One of the things I liked most about this book was how it was written in blog format. The blog format definitely helped it from dragging on. I also think it keeps the readers interested because almost every teenager in America has a phone to text with, or a Blackberry or Sidekick (if you're lucky enough). Kudos to Ostow for using that incredible idea (whether he came up with it or not).

So this book starts off with a fresh new year of high school. New pens, new students, and old feelings. There's Spencer Kelly (main character) who is somewhat of a combination of Serena Van Der Woodsen (Gossip Girl) and Naomi Clark (90210). She has the likable, relatable character coming from Serena. She also has the indie/emo type of ex boyfriend that she still has feelings for when she can have any guy she wants. But don't underestimate her. Although she still has a conscience like most people do, she still can bring the Naomi Clark (cattiness) out of her pretty easily.

Then comes Madison, the fashionista of this group. You can definitely compare her to Jenny Humphrey (Gossip Girl) when it comes to fashsion. I might like Madison the most so far just because she's such a neutral person when it comes to dramatics. But maybe she's the most boring of the characters ... at least in this book she is.

Then comes Paige, the Blair (Gossip Girl) of the group. She's just as cruel, if not even more cruel than Blair Waldorf. You'll definitely find yourself going back and forth on liking Paige Andrews. One minute, she's sweet! The next, she's the total opposite. You won't be able to decide whether or not to like her until the end of the book. Most likely your decision will be made up right then and there.

Here comes Regan! The girl from California starting all of the drama and gossip. Regan is a post-rehab celebutante and just like Paige, you won't be sure whether or not to like her.

All in all: this book was great and I definitely plan on buying the next book in the series. Also, check out the great websites that go along with the book. You're able to view the characters pictures, blogs, etc. They also have Twitters! And this isn't just fan made stuff, it actually has to do with the book itself. The main website is below and below that is the author's website. You'll be able to find their Twitters and (maybe) myspaces. Hope you enjoy!




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