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Friday, May 6, 2011

Back in Action!

Hey guys! :D

So as you can tell from the title, I'm back! No more school for me... at least for a few months :P. Thank you to everyone that stuck with BAM Book Reviews during the dreadful school year, we really appreciate it! For the summer: I'll be reading all of the books in my review pile plus a few that I've bought over the past few years.

Also, in a few weeks I'll be in NYC for BEA! :) SO excited. Leave a comment telling me if you'll be there so we can meet up and take pictures! I'll be rooming with the lovely Taschima from Bloody Bookaholic and the also lovely Lexie from Poisoned Rationality. I'll be taking a ton of pictures and will try my best to get as many books to giveaway to you guys!

Other things I'll be doing this summer:

  • Going on vacation to Mexico. I am super pumped for this, especially for the plane! I've never been on one and I love heights so I'm assuming I'm going to enjoy it. Oh yeah, Mexico will be fun, too.
  • Moving into my very own apartment! No more dorm rooms, hallelujah! I'll make sure to post pictures, not like anyone cares, but it'll be pretty cool to document such a sweet experience.
  • Also, like I said above, I'll be going to BEA. This is probably the most exciting experience of my life. I've never been to BEA and I do plan on moving to NYC after college so it'll be pretty amazing to see what it's like to live there for a week.
I think that's all I really have to say as of now but I am super excited to get back in the habit of reading and also checking my favorite blogs!


  1. I'm glad your back! Looks like your going to have an awesome summer!

  2. Yay! Looking forward to your reviews. :)

  3. You have been missed Briana, it's so good to see you back!


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