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Monday, January 10, 2011

Mockingjay (The Hunger Games #3) by Suzanne Collins

Publisher: Scholastic

Source: Bought (Barnes & Noble)

# of Pages: 398


Young Katniss Everdeen has survived the dreaded Hunger Games not once, but twice, but even now she can find no relief. In fact, the dangers seem to be escalating: President Snow has declared an all-out war on Katniss, her family, her friends, and all the oppressed people of District 12. The thrill-packed final installment of Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games trilogy will keep young hearts pounding.


I can't believe it took me this long to pick up this book. I've had a (signed ;]) copy of this book with me for a few months now and had two friends read it before I did! I'm not sure if it was just the distraction of school or because I was afraid of what might happen, because Suzanne Collins doesn't seem like the type of author to leave a happy ending.

Now onto my thoughts... I think I'll start off with the negatives: The first 2/3 of the book was dragging on for me. I wanted to be blown away by each chapter and never want to put the book down, but instead I was putting the book down to clean my room, grab a snack, and even go downstairs to see w
hat my mom was doing. Gale's character just didn't live up to standards for me! I thought it was going to be a huge choice for not only Katniss, but for me also to have to choose between the two guys! I drool over a good love triangle and I assumed that's what I would get in Mockingjay. But instead, Gale seemed like he was more interested in the rebellion then trying to win Katniss over. That might sound foolish of me to have that opinion, but damnit I wanted a good love triangle! I was dying to see Gale try to show Katniss why he deserves her and why she should be with him, but unfortunately I never saw that.

The positives: Th
e last third of the book was pretty awesome. I'm glad that there was some grief to go along with some happiness. I have to admit, I was pretty shocked when Katniss shot Coin, but I was also shouting (silently) "YES!" I had the biggest smile on my face when Peeta came back to District 12. The two of them being together makes so much sense. They've both been through so much and they're both a little messed up from it, but they can be messed up together! :) Wow... that sounded wrong.

Anyways, overall I enjoyed the book. It was a good conclusion to a fantastic series and although I may not have liked everything that went down, I don't think I would change it if I could.


  1. Took you long enough!! I have to agree, but the book was still awesome. =]

  2. I agree about Gale. I thought what happened with him was a bit of a cop-out, something to get him out of the way so the choice would be easier for Katniss. But I didn't want the choice to be easy! The love triangle was set up so well, that to have it end like that was very disappointing.

  3. Taschima, I know right?! I thought I would've had this finished by the 2nd day I bought it!

    La Coccinelle, Yes!!! Definitely something to get him out of the way. I couldn't agree more!

  4. You're right about the love triangle. That was taken out of commission pretty fast.
    The main thing that bothered me about this book was that the ending seemed so grim to me! Katniss is joyless and depressed for the rest of her life, it seems. The anti-war message was a little heavy-handed. What a pity.


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