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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Back in Action!

Hey guys!

I'm back from my marvelous vacation and I'm ready to get back into my reading routine. I did get some reading done while sitting by the pool, you know, getting my tan on. I FINALLY finished reading Uglies! I'm so proud of myself for finishing it and I honestly didn't hate it like I thought I would.

Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my charger for my camera, so I don't have tons of amazing pictures to share. My mom bought some disposables thought so hopefully I can find someone's scanner to use so I can show you the pictures of me holding a stingray! By the way, they're incredible creatures, so gentle and sweet.

This is a beautiful little part of Nassau that I found that I just needed to take a picture of.

This is a monkey made of towels that the staff put together, hanging near our TV.

I took this picture of the beautiful view from my balcony on the ship. Waking up to that... is unexplainable.

Anyways, I'm back in action and ready to roll. Bring on the books :)


  1. Welcome back Briana :) glad you had a lovely time gosh that view is simply gorgeous!

  2. Briana!!!!!!! I missed you girl!!!! T_T!!!

    How was it? Was it awesome? Did you have a fling? How old are you? Are you old enough for a fling? How did you like Uglies? I liked Uglies, better then the other two =]

    Again, welcome back! And please, visit me!!!


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