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Friday, March 5, 2010

In My Mailbox (31)

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Marisa: There was an awesome discount on some books at Chapters so I bought a few interesting ones this week.

The Explosionist by Jenny Davidson

A series of mysteries.

An explosion of truths.

The Explosionist: Someone sets off a bomb outside fifteen-year-old Sophie's boarding school, but no one can figure out who. The Medium: Soothsayers and séance leaders are regular guests at her great-aunt's house in Scotland, but only one delivers a terrifying prophecy, directed at Sophie herself. The Murder: When the medium is found dead, Sophie and her friend Mikael know they must get to the bottom of these three mysteries in order to save themselves—even as the fate of all Europe hangs in the balance. Set in a time of subversive politics, homegrown terrorism, and rapidly changing alliances, The Explosionist is an extraordinarily accomplished debut novel for teens that delivers a glimpse of the world as it might have been—had one moment in history been altered.

The Gypsy Crown by Kate Forsyth

Emilia Finch and her cousin Luka are gypsies. They live a strongly traditional life, rich with story, music, dance, and magic, governed by the laws of the clan and the ways of the road. To the repressive Puritanical government of 17th century England, however, the gypsies are thieving, fortune-telling vagrants who are most likely allies of the devil. Soon, a series of terrible events lands the family in jail, charged with murder. Emilia and Luka manage to escape, promising to bring back help and free them. But how? Emilia believes in the legend of the charms: it is said that the luck of the Rom soured after a long-ago gypsy matriarch broke her chain of charms, giving one charm to each of her five children. If they can gather the charms from the families, Emilia thinks, the strong magic of the Rom will somehow bring her family freedom. Luka, on the other hand, is more practical - he wants to enlist the help of the other clans to help the Finches escape. Emilia and Luka must race through the countryside, navigating a hornets' nest of Rom-hating Puritans, Royalist spies, and traitors, if they are to complete their quest before the magistrate delivers a death sentence.

Fairest by Gail Carson Levine

In a world in which elegance, beauty, and singing ability are revered, Aza is bulky, awkward, and homely. Her saving grace is that she can sing and has a gift of voice manipulation that she calls illusing. Through a chance meeting at her familys inn, a duchess invites Aza to act as her companion and accompany her to the palace to attend the kings wedding. When the beautiful new queen discovers Azas gift for throwing her voice and for mimicry, she sees a way of protecting her reputation and disguising her own lack of talent. Pressured by the womans threats upon her family, Aza deceives the court into believing that Ivi is a gifted singer. When the ruse is discovered, Aza is forced to flee the castle in order to save her life. Through her adventures, she discovers her own strength of character, learns about her true heritage, and decides that her physical appearance is not worthy of the stress and worry she has wasted on it.

All of these books sound so interesting and I can't wait to read them! PS look out for my review of Jekel Loves Hyde by Beth Fantaskey!

(Briana and Arielle may post later)


  1. The Explosionist looks amazing! Enjoy!

  2. I went to Chapters today and bought The Explosionist as well.

  3. Those look fab! The Explosionist sounds really unique. And Kate Forsyth is a great writer, so that one should be really good too. Hope you enjoy.

  4. Great books and ofcourse Fairest by Gail Carson Levine sounds lovely! I've got that one on my tbr list. :)

  5. Fairest is really, really good. It has a tie-in to Ella Enchanted which is neat if you've read that, but not necceary to read Fairest, which is really cool in my opinion. :)

  6. Ella Enchanted is a book as well as the film? I didn't know that...(love the film)

  7. The Explosionist sounds fantastic! Happy reading! :D

  8. I gave you an award! Check it out here. :)



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