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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fairy Tale

Cyn Balog

Published June 2009

256 pages

Rating: B+


A captivating and witty dark fantasy that will have girls lusting after it. Morgan Sparks has always known that she and her boyfriend, Cam, are made for each other. But when Cam’s cousin Pip comes to stay with the family, Cam seems depressed. Finally Cam confesses to Morgan what’s going on: Cam is a fairy. The night he was born, fairies came down and switched him with a healthy human boy. Nobody expected Cam to live, and nobody expected his biological brother, heir to the fairy throne, to die. But both things happened, and now the fairies want Cam back to take his rightful place as Fairy King. Even as Cam physically changes, becoming more miserable each day, he and Morgan pledge to fool the fairies and stay together forever. But by the time Cam has to decide once and for all what to do, Morgan’s no longer sure what’s best for everyone, or whether her and Cam’s love can weather an uncertain future.

My review

This book was a very cute and funny read. I really enjoyed it. The book starts off interesting and doesn't get boring as the story progresses. I was fully engrossed in what would happen to Morgan, Cam and Pip. And I did really like Morgan as the main character. She isn't annoying or mean and she doesn't get everything she wants which I find usually happens alot in books with the main characters. I actually did laugh out loud a few times while reading this book and that is a rare thing for me. The book kept me guessing the entire time which I love! I hate it when I can figure out how a book will end. And I also really love the end of the book. I feel like Cyn Balog definitely ended the book in a good way.

I recommend this book to people who love romantic, funny, sweet and interesting books. And anybody who loves fairy tales (Disney princess stories). The book's title is very spot on haha.



  1. This looks like a really good book. I definitely have to add this to my wish list! Thanks for the review(:

  2. This was really good. It was such a pretty, romantic read with a dash of paranormal. Really liked it, I'm glad you did too.

  3. Great review, I can't wait to read it too ;]

  4. I can't wait to read this one too!

  5. This looks cool, plus the cover is gorgeous! Great review!

  6. Thanks for the review. This book is on my TBR list :D

  7. Oh, and I totally agree with Bookworm; the cover is gorgeous!

  8. Sounds like a fun read. I added to my shelf at Goodreads. Thanks for the review.


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