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Monday, June 1, 2009

New Movie Monday (1)

Every week I go to the Movie Gallery to take out 2 of some newer DVDs to watch during the week. This week I took out the True Blood TV Series and Taken. I liked them both so much that I got inspired to blog about the movies I get every week! I hope you guys like the idea, especially since this is supposed to be a book review blog and not a movie review blog.

Director: Pierre Morel

Starring: Liam Neeson; Famke Janssen; Maggie Grace

Genre: Action


Rating: A

Let's be honest, I really didn't want to rent this movie. But, I felt pretty guilty for never getting anything that my dad might like to watch, so I rented it. He watched it before I did and completely loved it so since he's really picky, I knew it couldn't be that bad of a movie.

The seventeen year-old Kim is the pride and joy of her father, the retired agent Bryan Mills that left the secret service to stay near Kim in California. Kim lives with her mother Lenore and her wealthy stepfather Stuart; she convinces the reluctant Bryan to sign an authorization to travel to Paris with her friend Amanda. When they arrive, they share a cab with the stranger Peter and Amanda tells to him that they are alone in Paris. When Bryan succeeds in contacting his daughter, she tells that criminals have just break in the spot and they are kidnapped by an Albanese gang of human trafficking. Bryan promises in the phone to kill the kidnapper of his daughter and immediately travels to Paris to find Kim and chase the criminals.

I did not want this movie to end. There was so much action in it and the plot really scared me. Human trafficking does exist and it's a very serious, scary issue that I wish would somehow disapear. I was literally moving in my seat with my heart beating so nervous to find out what would happen next. If you like the type of movie that I just described, definitely pick this up. I highly recommend it.

Director: Michael Lehmann

Starring: Anna Paquin; Stephen Moyer; Sam Trammell

Genre: Drama

MPAA: NC-17 (I'm pretty sure MPAA only applies to movies but I think my guess for the True Blood MPAA rating would be correct.)

Rating: A+

Let me just start off by warning you: This series is very addicting and very dirty. If you don't like to watch movies with very revealing sex scenes and cussing every 1-2 minutes, then this is NOT for you. But as long as I don't have to watch it with my parents, I don't mind the promiscuity.

This TV series focuses primarily on a young telepathic waitress from Bon Temps, Louisiana named Sookie Stackhouse, who begins a romantic entanglement with her vampire neighbor amongst a series of murders of young women in town.

I actually rented all five discs of this season in one week. I was very surprised at my strong interest in this series to be honest. I kind of thought I would like it but I didn't think I would like it nearly as much as I do. This series is sexy, dramatic, sometimes funny and sometimes scary. It has a bunch of emotions for you to bring out and I can almost promise will not let you down.

I have not read the books but I do know that Season 1 was based off the first book of the series, which means if Charlaine Harris keeps writing, we should still have the pleasure of watching Sookie Stackhouse and her adventures that await her.



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  2. I think I'll rent Taken based on your review! I so rarely rent anything my dh will watch. And I think he'll like this. Thanks!

  3. You're welcome :). It's a really good movie, I don't think you'll be disapointed.

  4. I really like the series True Blood is based on. I only recently started reading it, I love it except the main characters kinda irk me sometimes. I've only seen a few episodes of the show but I like it so far and I don't want to keep watching it until I've read all the books out even though basically each series is based on one book. I'm a dork like that :D

    I saw Taken in theaters and I have to agree it's really good, it's not my kind of movie though. My brother in law LOVED it, you have no idea, and b/c I sad it's not my kinda of movie he just stared at me like "what is wrong with you?" haha This was like two days ago.

  5. I wanted to read the Sookie Stackhouse series and I feel really bad saying this, since there wouldn't be a Sookie Stackhouse series with Charlaine Harris. But I really like the surprises when I'm watching the TV show. I feel like if I just read the book, I wouldn't have as much fun reading it instead of watching the series.


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