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Double Dose

Double dose is a new feature here at BAM Book Reviews that we're very excited to start! Katie and I (Briana) have the same taste in books and felt a little conflicted about who would get to review a book we've both read. Also, let's say I've already reviewed a book but Katie wants to read it and perhaps review it... instead of feeling lame about not being able to share her thoughts with all of you, she'll be excited to post a new "Double Dose" :P

Now let's move on to how this will be any different than a normal review. Basically, the second reviewer of the book will title their post as "Double Dose *Insert Book Title Here.*" There will be a link in the Double Dose post that will take you to the original reviewers post (if you wish to read it) and also include the rating that the original reviewer gave the book (if you don't wish to read the review.)